How the Olympia Typewriter Changed my Blog Post

Thursday, February 6th, 2014 by contromal

I typed my blog post this week and have decided to upload pictures of both the machine and the masterpiece (okay…it probably wan’t a masterpiece). If you click the “Leave a Comment” link, the resolution is good enough that you can read it. I would retype it… but I’m not sure I could do that on my iPad… bold statement, I know.






3 comments on “How the Olympia Typewriter Changed my Blog Post

  1. I love this! The battle between human/machine is palpable. I’m still not sure if I entirely understand glitch art, but this certainly seems like it could be it, typewriter-style.

  2. Lori Emerson says:

    Renee, yes – phew! your typewritten record of your writing has a way of replicating the difficulty you faced in writing for the reader. I like that, as Samantha points out, you remind us of how we can create glitch art with any medium. Here’s a great example of glitched out typewriter poetry: This was made on the Smith Corona, the same model that’s to the right of the Olympia typewriter.

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