Final project: Sound Collage of the Digital City

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 by willm2

Simply put: I’d like to do a work of media poetics that draws inspiration from Luigi Russolo. However, instead of the symphony of the streets, or the symphony of the machine-noise of the city, I want to attempt to create the symphony of the digital.

This would take the form of a sound-collage made from the sounds of the Media Archaeology lab. It would incorporate the aural capabilities of as many devices as possible. I believe this could be an interesting ‘remix’ of not only the sound one generally hears in the computer-saturated environment, but of the archive itself. By sonically juxtaposing old and new, entertainment and business, smoothly working and struggling to work, I think I can gesture at a kind of anarchive through sound.

While I cannot build my own noise machines, I can use my own computer to record, mix, and save the project.


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