Manifesto for Selfies with the Moon

Monday, May 5th, 2014 by asobol

First: I want to thank everyone in class. It was great. I have so many new ideas to mull over now.

Second: I’m going to continue to work on Selfies with the Moon — I will continue to write poems for the project, and I invite those of you who have Instagram to follow along (@selfieswiththemoon). And I want to take back that thing I said about how I wouldn’t have prints made of these poems — they should exist in whatever format the reader wants them to. I want to encourage every possible reading experience, open it up for manipulation, dissemination, etc.

Third: Following the Futurists, I wrote a manifesto for the project (though it quickly became less a declaration and more of a dialectic constantly contradicting itself). Read it here: Manifesto for Selfies with the Moon

Fourth: here’s a handful of the poems I’ve uploaded to Instagram…

IMG_20140407_133759 IMG_20140411_154540 IMG_20140414_213335 IMG_20140405_115313 IMG_20140403_093201 IMG_20140411_134637

IMG_20140402_112105 IMG_20140402_115856 IMG_20140402_130451 IMG_20140407_125638


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