weekly schedule / detailed syllabus

Please note this is a draft – schedule may change from week to week

Week 1: Introduction/Overview
Tuesday Jan. 14 

Week 2: The Future
Tuesday Jan. 21, Presentation 1 (Kyle Bickoff) + Blogpost 1
– artifact: Google Glass
– read: What Is Media Archaeology?

Week 3: The Present
Tuesday Jan. 28, Presentation 2 (Lola Underwood) + Blogpost 2
– artifact: Google Glass
– read: 24/7 and Between Page and Screen
– look, listen, interact: excerpt from Christopher Wool (pdf), GLI.TC/H READER[ROR] (pdf), “Glitching Files for Understanding,” Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, “The Diacritics of Glitchr

Week 4
Tuesday Feb. 4th, NO CLASS – stay tuned for make-up class

Week 5: The Present cont.
Tuesday Feb. 11, Presentation 3 (Erin Dodge) + Blogpost 3 – NOTE CLASS WILL START LATE

Week 6: 1980s and 1990s
Tuesday Feb. 18, Presentation 4 (Deven Parker) + Blogpost 4
– artifact: early web browsers, telecommunications networks, fax
– read: Siegfried Zielinski (just “Introduction” and Chapter 9), Gilles Deleuze’s “Postscript on the Societies of Control,” excerpt from Alexander Galloway’s Protocol (download pdf here – read Foreword, Introduction, and any other chapters that interest you), excerpt from Friedrich Kittler’s Gramophone, Film, Typewriter (for now, just “Foreword” and “Introduction” ), Leonardo special issue “Telecommunications Art” (pdf), excerpt from COPIER ART (pdf)
– look, listen, interact: Paul Zelevansky’s “SWALLOWS,” Judy Malloy’s Uncle Roger, bpNichol’s First Screening

Week 7: 1980s and 1990s cont.
Tuesday Feb. 25, Presentation 5 (Angela Rovak) + Blogpost 5
– continued

Week 8: 1960s and 1970s
Tuesday March 4, Presentation 6 (Renée Farrar) + Blogpost 6
– artifact: typewriters, magnetic tape, xerox/copier machines
– read: Wolfgang Ernst’s from Digital Memory and the Archive (focus on Introduction, Part I, and look at “Archive Rumblings” in the Appendix along with “Agency of the Machine” if you have time/desire); excerpt from Michel Foucault’s Archaeology of Knowledge (focus on chapter 5 and then 1 and 3 if you’re interested); excerpt from Michel Foucault’s The Order of Things (focus on the Preface and Chapter 1); excerpt from Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media (focus on “The Medium is the Message” and anything else that interests you; other weirder McLuhan here and here); Beaulieu and Emerson’s Writing Surfaces
– look, listen, interact: Mary Ellen Solt’s Concrete Poetry: A Worldview; work by Dom Sylvester Houedard; work by Robert Zend; bpNichol’s Sharp Facts (pdf); Steve McCaffery’s “Carnival;” sound poetry by Henri Chopin

Week 9: 1960s and 1970s cont.
Tuesday March 11, Presentation 7 (Brandon Truett) + Blogpost 7
– continued

Week 10: 1910s and 1920s
Tuesday March 18, Presentation 8 (Adrian Sobol) + Blogpost 8
– artifact: pen/pencil, stencil, typography, sound
– read: excerpt from Media Parasites and the Early Avant-garde, excerpt from Poems for the Millenium 1 on Futurism (pdf) and Dada (pdf), Tristan Tzara’s Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampisteries (pdf), Luigi Russolo’s Art of Noises (pdf)
– look, listen, interact: Futurist typography, Dada typography, Alexei Krucenych’s Zaum poetry, Tristan Tzara’s sound poetry, Hugo Ball’s sound poetry, Luigi Russolo’s noise machines, Kurt Schwitters’ sound poetry and scores, F.T. Marinetti’s sound poetry

Week 11
Tuesday March 25, spring break

Week 12: 1910s and 1920s cont.
Tuesday April 1, Guest Lecture (TBA)
– continued

Week 13: 1860s +
Tuesday April 8, Presentation 9 (Lauren Sullivan) + Blogpost 9
– artifact: pen/pencil, magic lanterns, projectors, artist books, handmade books
– read: Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” (pdf), excerpt from Friedrich Kittler’s Discourse Networks 1800/1900 (as much of Discourse Network 1900 as you have time for), optional excerpt from Jonathan Crary’s Techniques of the Observer (pdf of article here that’s basis for book), Emily Dickinson’s The Gorgeous Nothings

Week 14: 1860s + cont.
Tuesday April 15, Presentation 10 (Sean DiLeonardi) + Blogpost 10
– continued

Week 15: Open
Tuesday April 22, Presentations 11 and 12 (Sammy Long and Will Minor) + Blogpost 11
– to be determined by presenters 11 and 12

Tuesday April 29

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